About Ayurveda



·         Course offered- B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurved Medicine and Surgery).


·         Affiliation-      Uttarakhand Ayurved University  (An autonomous         

     body of Uttarakhand Government)


Course Name

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(B.A.M.S.)

Aims and Objects

The bachelor of Ayurveda education will aim at producing graduates, having profound knowledge of Ashtanga Ayurveda supplemented with knowledge of scientific advances in modern medicine along with extensive practical training; who will become efficient physicians and surgeons fully competent to serve the health care services.

Admission Qualification

12th standard with science or any other equivalent examination recognized by concerned State Governments and Education boards provided the candidate passes the examination with 50% aggregate marks in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

For foreign students an equivalent qualification to be approved by the university will be allowed.

Duration of course

Degree Course 5-1/2 years, Comprising

·         I Professional-12months

·         II Professional-12months

·         III Professional-12months

·         Final Professional-18months

·         Compulsory Rotatry Internship-12months

Degree to Be Awarded

Ayurvedacharya(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery- B.A.M.S).

The candidate shall be awarded Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery- B.A.M.S) degree after passing the final examination over; prescribed period and thereafter satisfactorily completing the compulsory rotatory internship extending over twelve months.

Medium of Instruction

Sanskrit, Hindi and English.

·         Recognition- Quadra Institute of Ayurveda is recognised by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi.

**“Scanned copy of GOI Permission letter”.

·         Quadra Hospital – Hospital is having multispeciality of seven departments i.e.—-

  Out – Patient Departments (OPD) & In- Patient Departments(IPD)


 (IPD)1.Kayachikitsa  OPD2.Shalya OPD3.Shalakya OPD4.Stree Roga Evam Prasuti Tantra OPD5.Kaumarbhritya (Balroga)6.Swastharakshan & Yoga OPD7.Atyayik (Casualty) Section8.Dressing & First-Aid Room, Ksharsutra Room9.Dispensary10.Waiting space for patients11.Pathology lab, X-ray, Sonography

·         Hostel Facility- Rules and regulations of hostel

Hostel accommodation is allotted purely at the discretion of the Chief Warden and on condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel. The Chief Warden may refuse hostel facilities without assigning any reason or remove a resident from the hostel at any time on disciplinary grounds. Similarly students may be required to shift to alternate accommodation at short notice due to administrative reasons. The Hostel Management reserves the right to break open any room which is not vacated, pack up the contents and store it. No complaints of breakage or loss will be entertained.

1.    Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change rooms except with the written permission of the Warden/ Chief Warden. However, students can pair up as per their choice within first few days. They may contact their Hostel Warden for this purpose.

2.    Allotment made to a student is subject to cancellation if he/she fails to occupy the room in the prescribed time. Students will also forfeit their rooms if they fail to clear all their dues to the hostel by the appointed day. In such cases they will be asked to vacate the hostel.

3.    The Chief Warden reserves the right to break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived.

4.    No student should stay away from his/her room during the night except with prior written permission of the warden. Any student, who wishes to leave the campus temporarily or otherwise, should obtain the permission of warden in writing.

5.    Those applying for permission must state the date and time of his/her intended departure and return as well as the destination and enter all these details in the in-out register maintained in every hostel.

6.    Students are requested to avoid singing aloud, shouting or making all types of noises which are likely to distract the attention of those who may be studying in their rooms or hostel libraries.

7.    Playing of loud music and disturbing the quite atmosphere by any other means is not permitted as it disturbs the fellow hostel mates. You may use earphones while listening to music. Playing any kind of outdoor games inside the hostels/corridors is not permitted.

8.    Pets of all kinds are prohibited inside the hostel. Feeding stray dogs or cats in the hostel premises is not permitted.

9.    The students are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuables in the room. The student is responsible for the safety of his/ her belongings inside the room.

10. Any damage/breakage to hostel property will be charged to the occupants of the room/ block with a fine. Disciplinary action will also be initiated.

11. Cooking in hostel rooms is not permitted.

12. All instructions/ notices displayed on notice boards will be deemed to have been read by all residents and excuses for non-compliance of such instructions and notices will not be accepted. Residents are advised to look at the notice board everyday to acquaint themselves with latest information/orders.

13. Substance abuse, consumption of alcohol and smoking or chewing of tobacco and its related products is strictly banned in the hostels and in the University Campus.

14. Residents must switch off all lights and fans, and electrical appliances including mosquito repelling machines if any before leaving their rooms. This is necessary to avoid an inadvertent fire.

15. The Chief Warden/ Warden or his representative may enter any room for verification at any time of the day or night.

16. Residents are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by others. All visitors and non-residents including students from other hostels must leave the hostel/ other students? rooms during nights. All residents are advised to extend their fullest co-operation to see that no unauthorized persons enter or stay in the hostel premises.


2.    Insurance of laptops/valuables: it is the responsibility of the Hostel residents to get their laptops and valuables, if any, insured themselves. Security of ATM/Debit cards: all residents must take care of their ATM/Debit cards. They must not disclose their PIN to anybody – even to their best friends.

3.    Outing allowed only on Sundays and holidays (9am to 3 pm ).

4.    The first year undergraduate student will return to their Hostels by 8:00 pm.

5.    The entry off all males is strictly forbidden inside girls hostels. Likewise girls are not permitted to enter the boys hostels.

6.    “Residents are advised not to keep a vehicle in the campus as it is not necessary”. First year students are not permitted to have any type of motor vehicles. There are no shelters provided for parking these vehicles.

7.    The rooms and surroundings must be kept clean. The service of the cleaners must be obtained to ensure that the rooms are swept and toilets cleaned while the residents are in the room.

8.    If a resident falls sick, he/she or room-mate/friend must immediately inform the caretakers/block supervisors/ person on duty who will make arrangements to shift/evacuate the student to the hospital and look after him/her. All cases of sickness must be immediately reported to the Medical Officer, at the out- Patient / Emergency / Trauma Department for necessary treatment. In case a resident is quite unable to leave the room and go to the Hospital, the matter must be reported to the warden.

·         Contact and Feedbacks-

                 Address:- Quadra Institute of Ayurveda & Hospital

                 NH-58, Haridwar road Roorkee,

                 Distt- Haridwar, Uttarakhand

                 Pin- 247667


Registration Form- Click here for registration form **


Registration form can be downloaded, filled by the candidate and send to Quadra Institute of Ayurved, NH-58, Haridwar road Roorkee, Distt- Haridwar, Uttarakhand, With a Demand Draft of Rs.1000 /- in favour of ‘Quadra Institute of Ayurved Roorkee’, payable at Roorkee.