From the Desk of Director



It gives me great pleasure to welcome each one of you to the Quadra Institute of Ayurveda of Uttarakhand , an institution ; which is fast growing and completely dedicated to serve Nation through Ayurveda & other medical courses.

                 The Institution has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced faculty & equally sincere non-teaching staff, who are completely dedicated to fulfill the requirements of the students. It is my earnest desire that this Institution can play a pivotal role in advancing the education and research in AYUSH systems in the world. This will generate qualitative educationists and physicians in the field of AYUSH. I salute all the eminent personalities and extend my appreciation to the faculty and staff who are engaged in the upliftment of this institute through their dedicated work. The scenario of education in Ayurved in India is now in a transformational phase as compared to earlier times. We are in a compelling era where global conditions require that conventional practices have to change and to suit the current requirements and also to address the futuristic needs. The colleges are facing greater challenges in focusing their priorities in increasing the quantity of service delivery, providing of practically oriented syllabus, promoting total quality management of educational programs, ensuring a valuable campus environment for the faculty and students, increasing value added programs, convergence of technologies, taking the benefits of research and development to the communities in need and many more. As the Director  , I am dedicated to the task of providing an easy and accessible leadership to put management systems in place and to work towards enhancing the infrastructural facilities in the institute so that they shine as 'Outstanding Units of AYUSH Education centre in the world. The academic atmosphere of the institute generates a cordial and ambient feeling. As a result students come to the institution to acquire unique knowledge of Ayurveda, which not only secures their future in the field of Ayurveda but also promise to provide good name& fame. The excellent atmosphere and better sources of knowledge of Ayurveda in the Institution encourage them to channelize their academic learning in to fruitful areas of Ayurveda. We strive to evolve qualitative changes to ensure excellence in education and research.

As Ayurveda is originated from Lord Brahma; so naturally Ayurveda & Ayurvedists are full of Devine qualities. In the words of Goswami Tulsi das ji----

ijfgr olk ftuds eu ekfgA

rSdw bl tx esa dNq nqyZHk ukfgaAA


Medical profession for the sake of others. So Ayurvedist should think for the benefit of mankind. In the words of Sir James—

“Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open”.

 We provides the same atmosphere  for the students through high slandered of education, arrangement of educational tours  , medical camps, extension lectures by National-International dignities and social – National events. The beautiful campus of the Institute and its departments makes us aware of the need to protect the environment. Students are cautioned that ragging is banned. Use of plastic, consumption of alcohol and drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited in the Institution. We believe in the theory that cultural growth goes hand in hand with academic development. Diverse cultural activities and a well equipped sports complex and free medical facilities helps to create a Healthy atmosphere in the campus. We hope that we shall enable the students to convert their dreams into reality.

I wish all the students very best in life and in their entire Endeavour.

                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Rishabh Jain