Post Basic B. Sc. (N)

 ·  Passed the Higher Secondary or Senior Secondary or Intermediate or 10+2 or an equivalent examination recognized by the university for this purpose. Those who have done 10+1 in or before 1986, will be eligible for admission.

·  Obtained a certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery and registered as R.N.R.M. with the State Nurses Registration Council. A male nurse, trained before the implementation of the new integrated course besides being registered as a nurse with State Nurses Registration Council, shall produce evidence of training approved by Indian Nursing Council for a similar duration in lieu of midwifery in any one of the following areas:

o    O.T. Techniques

o    Ophthalmic Nursing

o    Leprosy Nursing

o    TB Nursing

o    Psychiatric Nursing

o    Neurological and Neuro surgical Nursing

o    Community Health Nursing

o    Cancer Nursing

o    Orthopedic Nursing

·  Candidates shall be medically fit.

·  Students shall be admitted once in a year.

Rules and Regulations

1.      Students must be regular and punctual at lectures, demonstrations, seminars, practical, field work and other academic exercises and examination. They are required to attend all allotted working periods in each of the prescribed subjects.

2.      Students whose conduct, or attendance, or progress is not satisfactory will not be allowed to appear for the University or Board examination, and are also liable to be asked to leave the College.

3.      In case of non-attendance of classes, an application must be presented to the Principal/Class coordinator for leave of absence giving the reasons.

4.      Membership in the recognized Student Nurses' Association is compulsory.

5.      Students must be neat and tidy in their uniform.

6.      Students must wear the prescribed uniform for duty/college.

7.      Students must maintain a sense of decorum and discipline inside the College and in its associated institutions, and in public places. Students should refrain from disfiguring walls and furniture, and from other objectionable practices.

8.      Ragging is strictly prohibited. "Ragging is a cognizable offence and that any person caught indulging in ragging shall be liable to imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine as stipulated therein."

"Principals are instructed to inform the police and take necessary steps to dismiss the student."

9.      Students are required to carry their identity cards certified up-to-date, on their person at all times.

10.  Once the parents decide to have their ward as a day scholar, the status cannot be changed thereafter.

11.  If student found any miss behave with any faculties, and Principal so strict action will take against students.